Meet Haley Nicole

the lady behind the screen

Hey friends, I'm Haley - a Christian wife, mama, and photographer! I've been in love with photography for many years. From years of watching my dad create Emmy award winning films in our basement, to crafting my own senior spokesmodel team from scratch, to today...developing Bright & Bold Photog!

Throughout the years of learning photography, I was always frustrated that I couldn't find an educator or editing style that tried to keep true to color. I dreamed of creating bright and BOLD images that would stand the test of time - and years later the photos would bring people back to the moment they were captured. I'm thrilled create this resource for creatives, mamas, and anyone who wants to have beautiful imagery of their life. 

Happy editing!

What started as a young love for photography grew into a successful photography business, and is now Bright & Bold Photog! 


Haley Nicole